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Curse Of Grass

(Paperback - 01/10/10)

by Ira Saxena

Publisher : Ponytale Books

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Book Summary of Curse Of Grass
As early as 1730 A.D. simple women and children of the Thar region in Rajasthan cried, Chipko and hugged the khejari trees to save them from annihilation. The cry echoed throughout the vast emerald patch in the desert—miles and miles of forest cover amidst the ominous sandy claws of growing Thar Desert. However, their cry did not touch the soldiers, who were carrying out orders to clear the forest for a summer palace. Hundreds of Bishnoi women, their children accompanied by the men folk—young and old clung to the khejari trees protectively. The royal decree had converted the soldiers into bloodless brutes; their fierce swords rained terror hacking the non-violent protestors along with the trees. Thar Desert became a scene of a bloody sacrifice to save the environment. Now, not a blade of grass grows on that patch.
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Details of Book: Curse Of Grass
Book : Curse Of Grass
Author : Ira Saxena
Language : English
ISBN : 8190574868
ISBN-13 : 9788190574860, 978-8190574860
Binding : Paperback
Publishing Date : 01/10/10
Edition :
Publisher : Ponytale Books
Number of Pages :
Book: Curse Of Grass by Ira Saxena
ISBN Number: 8190574868, 9788190574860, 978-8190574860