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Emerging Trends Of Cropping Patterns In India

(Paperback - 2007)

by Rajiv Ranjan Shrivastava

Publisher : Academic Excellence

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Book Summary of Emerging Trends Of Cropping Patterns In India
Cropping pattern expresses the shares of different crops in the farmer's total cultivated area in an agricultural year. Cropping pattern is an important indicator of a farmer's decision-making ability, which witness dynamisms over space and time in response to the changes in factors, which determine the latter. The landlocked state of Jharkhand endowed with heterogeneous landscape, huge mineral resources dominance of aboriginals' habitat and their culture is a unique geographical unit. In the recent years agricultural land use has undergone a significant change in Jharkhand. Therefore it is necessary to study the changes in cropping pattern at the district level. Since all the districts of Jharkhand may not respond similarly, and all may need different types of infrstructural facilities and planning it is better to study the district level-cropping pattern or district level changes at this stage. About Author : Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Shrivastava did his graduation from St. Xavier's college Ranchi. He post graduated from CSRD, Jawaharlal Nehru University in Geography. He qualified UGC-NET examination and did his M.Phil. from CSRD, JNU N Delhi in the year 2000. He joined. St. Xavier's College as a lecturer in March 2001. It is one of the most prestigious and the only autonomous collage of Bihar-Jharkhand region. The author has done speciazation in agricultural geography and has published several articles on agriculture, cropping pattern and problems and prospects of agriculture in India. He got his Ph.D. degre in October 2006. Presently he is working as a lecturer in St. Xavier's College, Ranchi & is actively engaged with various research works. Contents : PrefaceAbbreviationsIntroductionPhysical Background of the AreaStatus of Agriculture & Agricultural ActivitiesChanges in Cropping PatternPattern and Changes in Sample VillagesMajor Agricultural Policies since Independence Future Trends and PlanningConclusionBibliographyIndex-
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Details of Book: Emerging Trends Of Cropping Patterns In India
Book : Emerging Trends Of Cropping Patterns In India
Author : Rajiv Ranjan Shrivastava
Language : English
ISBN : 8189901249
ISBN-13 : 9788189901240, 978-8189901240
Binding : Paperback
Publishing Date : 2007
Edition :
Publisher : Academic Excellence
Number of Pages :
Book: Emerging Trends Of Cropping Patterns In India by Rajiv Ranjan Shrivastava
ISBN Number: 8189901249, 9788189901240, 978-8189901240