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Quit India Movement In Assam

(Paperback - 2007)

by Anil Kumar Sharma

Publisher : Mittal Publications (nd)

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Book Summary of Quit India Movement In Assam
Quit India Movement In Assam is the outcome of my research work done on the part played by the people of Assam to overthrow the shackles of bondage from the British Raj and to establish her own rule with the rest of India. It is found that since the days of the Treatyof yandaboo and more particularly since 1857 the banner of revolt against the British Raj was raised by Maniram Dewan and his associates. The visit of Mahatma Gandhi to Assam on the eve of Non-Cooepration Movement in 1921 roused the Assamese Masses from their slumber as elsewhere. Assam soon found herself in the forefront of the struggle and the same patriotic trend continued till the attainment of Independence. The book tries to throw light on the successive movements more particularly the 1942 movement and the heroic role of the people of this easternmost province. About Author : Anil Kumar Sharma, son of late, Trilochan Sharma and Srimoti Soroj Bala Devi, was born at Dadhara, Dergaon under Golaghat district of Assam. After completion of his schooling at Dergaon he took his graduaion with Honours in History from Cotton College, Guwahati andpost-graduation in History from Gauhati University. Initially serving as teacher in Dergaon Higher Secondary School and Naharkatiya College for a short period, he permanetly joined DKD College, Dergaon, a premier institution of higher education in Uppear Assam, in 1972. He obtained his Ph.D. degree for his thesis on freedom movement from Dibrugarh University. Contents : ForewordPrefaceAbbreviationsList of IllustrationsIntroductionThe Second World War and Emergence of a Mass MovementQuit India Movement and Mass Resistances in Golaghat DistrictQuit India Movement and Undergrounds Activities in Golaghat DistrictQuit India and Student and Woman Movements in Golaghat DistrictAftermathConclusionAppendicesBibliographyIndexIllustrations
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Details of Book: Quit India Movement In Assam
Book : Quit India Movement In Assam
Author : Anil Kumar Sharma
Language : English
ISBN : 8183242421
ISBN-13 : 9788183242424, 978-8183242424
Binding : Paperback
Publishing Date : 2007
Edition :
Publisher : Mittal Publications (nd)
Number of Pages :
Book: Quit India Movement In Assam by Anil Kumar Sharma
ISBN Number: 8183242421, 9788183242424, 978-8183242424