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The Tota Kahani Parrot Tales

(Paperback - 12-2003)

by George Small(Editor)

Publisher : Pilgrims Publishing

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Book Summary of The Tota Kahani Parrot Tales
Tales of mystic places and mysterious people pervade the pages of this book to fascinate, educate and fill our hearts with pleasurable emotions. Tales of princes and princesses, their clandestine lovers, tales of greed and jealousy are all eloquently told. Stepped in ancient history and culture they open up new vistas to brighten up this seemingly drab and dull world of ours. Many of these tales are simple and easily understood, whilst others are more sophisticated and carry a hidden message.
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Details of Book: The Tota Kahani Parrot Tales
Book : The Tota Kahani Parrot Tales
Author : George Small(Editor)
Language : English
ISBN : 8177691155
ISBN-13 : 9788177691153, 978-8177691153
Binding : Paperback
Publishing Date : 12-2003
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Pilgrims Publishing
Number of Pages :
Book: The Tota Kahani Parrot Tales by George Small(Editor)
ISBN Number: 8177691155, 9788177691153, 978-8177691153